Kevin Karmichael

Kevin Carmichael

Kevin Carmichael
Video link : Tridays | Stuntshow Faak ACS 1 | Stuntshow Faak ACS 2

About Kevin Carmichael:

Since 1997, when stunt racing competitions first began; Kevin Carmichael has had more success than any other stunt rider in the sport. Along with being European champion in 1997, (2nd 1998), 1999-2001, Kevin has also won the World Championship in Texas, America in 2002Kevin has also won the Burns Day competition in 2004; which is widely reguarded as the best stunt competition in the world. Contestants are judged by the crowd’s reaction rather than a panel.

Reknown for his unique, dynamic and fascinating riding style, Kevin’s tricks have been adopted by professional stunt riders all over the World. Kevin was the first person to wheel a superbike with no front wheel or forks and to wheel in a circle with 2 passengers.

Kevin started to ride bikes at a meagre 7 years old. He was a Scottish Motocross Champion. His stunt riding career began in 1997, just 8 weeks before the European Championship he went on to win. Since then, Kevin and his team have performed in various countries throughout the World.


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